Friday, July 15, 2011

Guard your Heart

I read my calendar today and it sat so well with me that I just HAD to share...

"A diva guards her heard and mind wisely. she does nto associate with others who are competitive, those who entertain constant drama in their lives or harbor negativity. She sets herself apart and enjoys solitude, knowing this is where nourishment for the soul is found. She makes time for herslef, by herself, in order to listen to the still, small voice of God and renew her mind and soul"

Ladies, we have to remember to take time out for ourselves so that we don't lose ourselves in something other than God's will. This week I have been under attack in so many ways and I am reminded by this perfectly timmed message that I just need to be still and listen to the word of God and he will navigate me through the storm HIS way! Be blessed ladies and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Faith, Hope & Love

~ Talea

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sister Friends, Not Girlfriends

Yesterday my mother and I hosted a mini-women's retreat for the women of our generation (20's and 30's) and what a blessing it was! I wanted us to walk away with some connection to what we are going through as we are in transition (newly married, new mothers, going to school, entering/changing careers, buying a home, etc.). This is clearly the time in our lives where we are moving into a new direction and with that our friends can be an important part in that transition.

We lean to our friends for many things, however there are times that that friendship and relationship will change. Either you move away, grow apart, or just get so busy as you are "transitioning" that you just lose track of each other. Whatever reason it is, God blesses us with our friends, and what we called yesterday our "sister friends", as an extension of our family. However, we all know that people come into our lives for a lifetime and others for a season. But whichever way it is, we should be thankful for what God has given us in our sister friends. What a blessing it is to have women who you can turn to for anything with absolutely no judgement.

Take the time on this blessed first Sunday to tell one of your Sister Friends that you love them and you are thankful for you they are in your life. Thank you to the small few of us that could get together for the luncheon. TRUST ME, it won't be the last one!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank God for a PRAYING Mother!

It's days like this that I have to sit back and just say "thank you" for a praying mother! It's just something about a woman of God having your back! There are times when we don't realize all those people who are praying for us. Who love us enough to think of us when they are on their knees and having a conversation with God. What a blessing it is to have someone pray for us and look out for us. Truth be told, we need to take a minute and pray for someone else too! The Lord blessed me to have a praying mother, the least I can do in return is to pray for somebody else.

Faith Hope & Love,

Talea Renee


Good Friday is tomorrow and what a BLESSED time this is!!

For those of us who gave up something during this period we may be feeling some burdens coming on strong. Any time we are in a fasting period, as soon as you get to the end, the real tests begin. Although many times this can be discouraging and overwhelming but anytime we feel like this, it is time to celebrate. I use to wonder WHY in the world my Mother got so excited when things were a mess towards the end of a fasting period. But she simply said "any time you are in a storm, your blessing is around the corner".

Over the years I saw exactly what she meant and boy am I thrilled about it. We need to remember that this fast during Lent is to give up something in remembrance of what He gave us... His son to die for our sins. The more we sit back and think about it, this is truly a big deal! Take this time to reflect and remember, if you haven't been fasting it's not too late to give up something big for the next few days to simply say "Thank you". I am going through a slight storm myself, but couldn't be happier because I know God is about to do something HUGE for me, and He will do the same for you!

With Faith, Hope & Love,

Talea Renee

First Day...

Good Afternoon! Today is the first day that I am going to post to my blog and it is quite exciting. To be honest this will not be a "blog" but more of a devotional. As things come to my heart I feel it is only best to share it. From good news I have heard, to testimonies someone has shared, to messages that come to my soul and spirit. All of which is a gift to be shared. I hope that this blesses you and I pray that God will continue to allow me the opportunity to share His word in a special way. To God be the glory!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Talea Renee